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The Walls are Closing In

I don’t know if you have ever felt this way, and this is the way it feels this morning. I was not feeling very well last night. I was tired and really needed the sleep. A friend called, I answered and told her I was in bed. She just kept talking. Then she received another call, I thought thank goodness, but after that call she called back. I didn’t answer.

Hours later my husband came to bed and turned the television on and upped the volume until I was awake. I moved to another bedroom. 

At 1:00 am Bro came in the told me that he had made coffee. I gave up and got up and made everyone in the house get up. I feel the walls closing in.

Tonight, wherever I go to bed, I am locking the door.

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    Do you ever want to say “what were you thinking?”

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    Would you start locking the door?

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