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Ivé Had It With Your Sarcasm!

An apathetic attempt at humor by a certain individual who is too afraid to truly live.

 Sarcasm is among the more pointless forms of conversation – it serves to deconstruct rather than create. It’s usually adopted by people of fairly average intelligence who believe themselves vastly superior to the average human. It is worth noting that most serial killers also believe this about themselves. 

There’s a difference between being sardonic or cynical and being sarcastic. Being cynical can often breed a great sense of humor, especially if you can be cynical and empathetic at the same time. Every great comedian I can think of is also a highly cynical and empathetic individual (think Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld, etc). 

They get what makes people tick, and they like to laugh at the absurdities in the world. Sarcasm is an exercise in self-superiority that is usually meant to exclude someone from the conversation. It is almost always useless without someone else trying to create. You can’t tell a sarcastic joke; someone else needs to say something with seriousness, and you need to attempt to discredit it with sarcasm.

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  1. i would argue a more middle position here.

    1. sarcasm means the person is listening. Cynicism and sardonicism don’t require listening.
    2. Sometimes things said are not something that can be seriously responded to.

    The reality of extremes is that they are edges. The reality of edges is if we are not careful we fall off.

      • it is an interesting point, i do-follow. I think like any communication tool, it is critical that sarcasm be a tool in the bag.

        There are those whose only tool attacks.
        there are those whose only tool is sarcasm.
        there are those who use only kindness.

        I suspect the last one would work, but the other two as an only tool make a weak toolbelt.

    • Thank you for your poignant answer, I use this word, for, as far as I know, the word poignant does in rare situations have a positive connotation, meaning something that is true, moving or touching but also notably painful. I would describe sarcasm as a ‘poignant tribute, (This is a tricky one.)

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