Successful couples and families have this 'psychological resilience'

People who have ‘psychological resilience’ can become better members of a family and even of society, Similarly, the psychological resilience of the couple keeps their relationship happy and a healthy environment can be created. 

Almost all psychologists agree that emotions and feelings exist in every human being, but the real miracle is to make them flexible and resilient. In this regard, 174 different studies have been reviewed in the contextual behavioral Science. The purpose of this meta study was to track mindfulness, emotional well-being and social acceptance.

The study also looked at how mindlessness, or, psychological flexibility and inattention create or dismantle family and romantic feelings. Experts conclude that creating psychological resilience in the face of severe difficulties and problems not only improves individual life but also strengthens close ties. Experts have presented sophisticated flexibility as a skill and a learned and taught skill which will be described as follows.

  • Good and bad, be prepared for all kinds of issues and experiences, and accept them no matter how difficult.
  • Every day and every new day, be fully aware of your situation and the environment around you, stay focused and become mindful.
  • Don’t let the thoughts and feelings you encounter overwhelm on you.
  • Keep your mind wide open no matter how many difficult feelings and thoughts you are going through.
  • Even if life becomes turbulent and chaotic, don’t forget your deepest values and stay connected to them.
  • Keep moving towards your goals and objectives even in the most difficult situations, no matter how slow is the pace.

In contrast, six properties of psychologically static or inflexible are mentioned:

  • Ignoring bad and difficult thoughts, experiences and feelings.
  • Carrying out the routines of life with inattention and misbehavior.
  • Always surrounded by difficult thoughts and negative feelings.
  • Departing from one’s original and deeper goals and priorities in the stress and confusion of daily routine.

Lack of flexibility and rigidity in the senses and psyche leads to inaction which ultimately hurts the psyche of the affected person very badly.Families and couples who lead successful and happy lives have psychological resilience. These parents’ routines include:

  • They adopt parenting methods with changing moments.
  • They have less severe cases of negative care.
  • They do not allow the extraordinary pressure of raising children to prevail.
  • Family relationships and connections keep strong, while families with the opposite traits lack psychological resilience.

Psychologically resilient and relaxed families watch movies and talk and comment on it. They go to leisure places together and try to improve their relationship which has a very good effect.

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