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After the Family Meeting

The men in our home called a family meeting because some things just weren’t getting done. Yesterday nothing got done because the grandkids were here. For some reason parents stop being parents when they arrive and all those parenting duties fall on me. So yesterday I truly did enjoy being with them, and nothing else got done.

In the “meeting” they provided me a list of things that needed to be done today. They also had listed what they had already done before they called the meeting. Here is what the list looked like, the things they had done.

  1. Made breakfast

  2. Did the dishes

  3. Did the laundry

Breakfast was made. It was after I had eaten two hours prior to them getting out of bed, and still they did do that.

The dishes had been washed, but not put away.

There was one load of laundry in the washer that had been left in the washer. There were some clothes in the dryer. They had not been washed.

Here is the list of things that they wanted me to accomplish today.

  1. Strip beds and wash everything.

  2. Remake beds and put extra things away

  3. Go to town and get the items on the shopping list

  4. Mow the lawn

  5. Make certain that you go and fill all the gas cans

  6. Vacuum the man cave

  7. Clean the ceiling fans

  8. Make lunch

  9. Wash out the garbage cans

  10. Defrost the fridge

  11. We want dinner tonight at 5:30

Granted there were only eleven things on the list. But today, I was not prepared to play nice and do as I was told. I put a sign on my office door that said “I am on Strike” and find someone else to solve your issues today.

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