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The Waiting Game

Having to wait makes people impatient, irritable , anxious and  sometimes even unsure of themselves.

When you have to wait at the doctor’s office you tend to get anxious, specially if you are waiting for reports or a proper diagnosis.

For a candidate waiting for a call from his / her prospective employer it could be nerve racking. Doubts and feelings of insecurity could creep if the wait is long.

A student waiting for his/her marks could feel fear and doubts rise in his/her mind. Just thinking about what grade he or she would get could lead to sleepless nights.

For a young man hoping to propose to his lady love waiting could be very stressful especially if he is unsure of her answer.

Waiting for the Virily Editor to approve posts is testing my patience. Everyday seems to be a game of wait and watch for the unverified poster.

I wonder what qualifies some over the others for verified poster status.. could someone help me find an answer to this?

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  1. We were the first of 15 units to move and get another place, so there are 14 other units left waiting to move. That is very stressful. We had short notice to pack and had to move all at once. They all have to be out by May but have to wait for Housing NZ to relocate.

  2. I remember there was a post about it by one of the editors – posting frequently, original content, etc., but I can’t find it. I think you meet all the criteria, so definately contact them. I have heard other users have done it in the past.

  3. I waited 2 years to travel as a verified member …. but some of them became very fast and in my opinion unfair …. if some rules apply, they should all be the same … best to write to Virily and see what kind of answer will you get if you give it ….. otherwise i can’t help you …. but this waiting for approval is really very annoying

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