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The versatile onion

Every kitchen has a niche where onions are stored. Onions are versatile. I make use of them generously in almost dish I prepare. 

They are sliced fine for garnishing. I garnish almost all dishes with tempered onion.  I cut them into square small sizes while making pork and puri bhaji.  I mince them for my egg scramble  I need onion rings for different kinds of salads I make. I use them in several masalas. There is a chicken dish I make which I have christened  Insant chicken.  Here a good amount of onions are chopped into small pieces  and the chicken is cooked in onions and tomatoes.

Onions pakoras are most welcome when it is pouring outside. I could go on and on………………I remember when we were holidaying in the US a restaurant had just sliced onion rings placed on the table.  Those onions were giant sized.  We just grabbed them. 

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  1. I use a lot of onions in cooking. I also use it as a medicine, especially now during the pandemic I have chopped onions on the nightstand every night. Onions are especially effective in preventing various respiratory infections.


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