Onion A Cure

There are some experiences of life which one cannot forget. I was 17 years old and we used to run around in the fields at times bare footed at other with foot gears. One day I got a bushy throne in my foot deep enough to puncture the tissue. I kept bearing it for two / three days. For such minor things there was no doctor available either. So I had to do something to remove the foreign object my self with needle or shaving blade. I made efforts, however fruitless. Rather the thorn got cut into two halves, partly removed and remaining immersed in my foot. It was painful and I used to keep the foot at an angle, so that it did not touch the ground.

It was painful and had developed lot of infection. Very sensitive to touch and there was no way to remove the thorn. My mother noticed it and in evening applied ages old formula learnt from each other. She heated few slices of onion on wood fire and wrapped it around the affected portion with help of cloth tight enough not to get removed by itself. I went to sleep taking lot of care so that nothing touches my wound. Early in morning when I got up, I felt that my wound was wet. My mother unwrapped the cloth and I was pleasantly surprised. The black thorn had surfaced to be removed easily. All the infection had been sucked by slices of onion. I pushed the wound gently from its sides and remaining puss came out very gently. A great relief which I cannot forget till to date.

Later in my life I remembered this event and it inspired me to study more about onions. I learnt that onions are good to cure internal infections, toothache and of course external infections. This inspiration also led me to study more about herbs. Now I am used to take onion as salad with my lunch.

Is not sharing survival????


What do you think?


    • yes it is true .There are other vegetables also which work against germs but best part of onions is it attracts germs from atmosphere which other do not. it can help in viral diseases also.

  1. We always eat salads with onions. It was healthy.Also, when I get cold and cough ..I cut the onion, sprinkle with a few tablespoons of honey and leave overnight that the onion leaves fluid.This fluid is consumed several times a day .. just like a syrup for cough.It always helped me stop coughing.