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The Truth About Breads, Wraps and More – Making A Sandwich

When it comes down to picking a lower calorie food for the people like me on a 1200 calorie per day, low carbohydrate diet, to drop a few pounds, you would think that a wrap or flat bread would be the best, right?

Wrong! I was amazed at how many calories I was getting just with the wrap/bread. When I started counting calories I seen why I could not lose a pound.

Worst Choice 

Flour wrap comes in at a huge 330 calories each!

Soft taco shell 140 each!

Spinach wrap  180 calories each.

Flat out wraps 160 calories each.

Flat out light wraps 90 calories each

Texas Toast Bread 110 calories PER slice!

Raisin bread  90 calories per slice

Gluten free bread 83 calories per slice.

White bread 60 to 70 calories per slice.

Having a burrito seems to be one of the worst things we can have because the bread/wrap is 330 calories all alone.

And that delicious Texas toast BLT at Sonic? the bread alone is 220 calories! The best choice would be, well there isn`t one, don`t eat there.

Subway bread can be from 200 calories to 260 each 6 inch Sub, I don`t know about you but that is a lot of calories for the bread only!

Better Choice

Corn tortilla at 62 calories each.

Light wheat bread at 40 calories per slice.

Pita pocket 140 calories each but usually they are halved = 70 calories.

The better choice would be to have a couple corn shell tacos, a tomato sandwich with light mayo or a pita pocket filled with lean meat.

Best Choice

The best choice would be to skip the bread altogether but if you love the sandwich or wraps, and you don`t want to do without, we can make this lower in calories.

When we sit down to a sandwich or wrap thinking we are doing better on the calories than eating a whole meal, we are not. Pick the lowest calorie bread/wrap first. then we can enjoy more that goes inside or between those slices.

Use lower calorie mayo or whatever your choice of sauce it.

Use fresh cooked meats and let go of the processed deli meat.

Go with veggies! Load that sandwich with all you want and less meat.

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By Andria Perry

Photo  Pixabay

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Written by Andria Perry

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