The State of the Union

I will not watch the State of the Union when it is given. I will record it. I will read the transcript first. I believe it is important to react to the actual words and not the reaction of those who are in the congress listening.

It doesn’t matter how I personally feel about President Trump. He is the President of the United States does have a direct impact on my life. It is important to strip out all the clapping, standing, sitting and drama and get to the facts. For me the transcript works best and then I can watch it later.

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    Will you read the State of the Union?

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    Are you worried about the borders of the United States?

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What do you think?

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  1. Interesting fact:
    There are more people in Vermont illegally than Texas and Arizona combined.

    I suspect we (the US) could do more for border security by simply helping Mexico, etc actually improve the economics!