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The sharp dark eagle

Every time I take my little dogs up to the terrace , these dark eagles come swiftly down to have a good peek at the dogs. I am not sure of they can carry a 2.5 kg dog up in the air but their interests in my dogs always outs me on the alert.

The dark eagles are huge, swift and sharp. they descend in a swift movement when they see their prey and carry them away in their sharp talons. They are such graceful bird that you can watch them for hours as they circle swiftly in the sky.

This is one of my favorite pictures of this bird, they are so fast its been difficult to get a decent picture of them in flight. The wings catch the evening sun as the birds snoops down towards my dogs. His eyes are always fixed on his prey.

I usually see them at sun down.

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  1. If he’s big he can attack young deer, antelope, roe, young foxes and wolves, and cattle (cows and sheep). Do not be so calm about your 2.5 kg dog. He will carry it in the air without any problem.

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