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The Perfect Gift

I have been lucky enough in my life to have many perfect gifts. People who know my heart, know what matters to me and seem to hone in on those things when gifting me with things and time. 

It was odd, but an advertisement on Virily reminded me of precious gift that I had not thought about in a long time. While I have noted it in my journal I don’t believe I have every shared the journey publicly. Normally I would put something like this on my personal blog. This time I think I put it here and leave the link on the blog. (Why not try something different?)

I own an American Yo Yo quilt that was made by my Great Grandmother and my grandmother. I had never met either of these woman as they had passed by the time I was born. Yo Yo quilts were made of tiny bits of fabric, hand sewn into circles and then sewn together to make a quilt. 

One of my aunts gave my this in a box that said open it when you turn 25. I was 14 at the time. My aunt knew me well. As soon I got home I took it downstairs to my room and opened it. There was a note inside. “You are not 25! You are 14. Still I think that this quilt should belong to you. I was lucky enough to watch the construction and they worked on it a little over two years. They used scraps and any fabric they could get there hands on to make it. I have listed the ones that I recognize and noted them. You could have guessed that the light pink one came from one of your Mom’s dresses that she outgrew. 

My grandmother, your great grandmother kept detailed journals of everything she did. I am not certain what happened to those journals when she passed away, but something tells me, they still exist. Maybe someday if you can find her journals you will understand the value and meaning of this odd colored mixed up yo yo quilt. 

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