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The Monday Mayhem

As they say, ‘Weekends are made in China, they don’t last long’.  After a whirlwind of a weekend it is back to a sober Monday. But the problem with a whirlwind weekend is it leaves a whole lot of cleaning up to be done afterward.

The house is in a huge mess  and I have a whole week of cleaning to do before the next weekend arrives. Then it will be Christmas cleaning. Its not like I am planning on  major decoration or something, I am not even planning on any celebrations this year. In fact hubs and I have been thinking of a short road trip around Christmas time.  We just can’t seem to get anyone to take care of the dogs during that time.

Getting back to the Monday mayhem,  I guess I will be cleaning all day long. Our boys were here this last weekend, they came and went in such a tearing hurry.  The batches of cookies, peanut butter, cakes  some sandwiches for the journey and the regular cooking  has left the kitchen in one big mess.  The kitchen sink now resembles a mountain and the boys’ rooms look like war zones.

The new clothes  and stuff we bought for them have been ripped off their packaging and taken.  They didn’t have time to clean up before they left.  So it is time to face my battle. LOL

I am just grateful to have spent time with my kids,  watched them enjoy their meals and  hear their laughter ring through the house once again.

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