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The Dude Naps ~ Wednesday Shadows

I caught a photo of the Dude napping on the rug. He played with his toys and then got so tired he passed out, without putting his head down. It was a cute moment. Of course when he heard the phone click his picture, he laid down and continued napping.

A rare moment of the sun shining through the window creating shadows. Sharing with Wednesday Shadows challenge.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. I have a lot of shadows only I do not participate in the challenges … sometimes I have to wait for the post authorization for several days dear Carol

  2. All cats that I know of in this house who are the seven cats (four male and three female) either like to look out at the window either in my nephew’s bedroom, the bathroom or the front window. The female cat called Mumps like to sleep in my bed with a warm blanket on her when I am not around.

  3. Poor Dude, all puckered up. Well rest, little fellow. A good nap in the sunlight is all you need to recharge. Runt, my cat, is the same but lately he is getting super restless as he cannot go outside as much because of the extreme cold snap we have been having (-30 degrees Centigrades with the windchill factor). But he just might be passing Friday outside because the weather will be about only -5 degrees C. Say hi to the Dude from me and Runt.

    • Mine are indoor only so they are used to that, but they do visit the screen room often even in the cold. I will pass that message along to him. πŸ™‚