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Thank You and Goodbye 2019

One word to describe 2019 for me is bittersweet. It’s not a good year but I can’t say it’s bad either. It’s indeed a really challenging one.

My journey in 2019 is just like riding a roller coaster, the ups and downs are pretty extreme. When things are good it was one of the greatest things that I have experienced. However, in between those great moments, I faced some hard and terrible situations.

Looking back to what had happened in 2019, I learned: 

– to be patient; when things not going well or in the way that I want

– to be mentally strong; when things going down to the hill and when I’m under pressure

– to not overthink; sometimes let it be is the answer instead of overthinking why it’s not working

– to accepted;  everything has its own moment, and once the moment is gone we need to be ready and accept it

So, thank you 2019, you teached me a lot but I’m ready to leave you.

  • 2019 is … ?

    • One of the best year
    • Hmm.. It’s so so
    • I can’t wait to leave it behind


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Written by Haraka

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