Tech Wiz on the importance of your cell carrier (and of course 1%)

I carry an android phone (for work) and an iPhone for personal use. Not that I am going to focus on the two, rather today I wanted instead to talk about the cellular service itself. We moved to Maryland and had TMobile. While the customer service was great, the actual cellular service of TMobile was horrible. Well, I have to be fair, there were just too many places between Gaithersburg Maryland and Washington DC (about 20 miles) that we lost our signal.

We pitched T-Mobile and moved to AT&T. The number of dead zones went down, but we still had a few. The funny thing was our basement was a dead zone with AT&T phones. I ended up getting a booster and having a somewhat decent signal in the basement, but there were dead spots in our house. There were dead spots in our house. There was also a huge dead spot in the grocery store we use most often (if you ever get a Wegman’s in your area, do not walk to shop there).

Recently we changed again, and I wish I had changed seven years ago when this first came up. There are no basement dead spots in our house. There isn’t a dead spot at the grocery store. I haven’t found a dead spot yet on the Verizon network. I wish I had switched a long time ago.

1% matters. The time that it matters is when you have to make a critical call. Overall, and I will do a full review later, I am impressed with the Verizon network!

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