Tech Wiz answers a question – how much do you lug?

The number of things you have to carry. I would like to point out that there are two goals in having things with you. The first is to be able to do the things you want to do. The other is to be able to enjoy where you are. Backpackers for years have packed the bags with two jails in mind. Saftey and comfort with safety are often-winning over comfort. The same is true for driving; The same is true for boating. Safety trumps comfort. But when it comes to your work bag sometimes, the reality of weight is critical. The larger the laptop you have (weight wise), the more likely you are to reduce the other things you carry. I have a friend that only uses rolling bags because that way he doesn’t have to limit what he is carrying.

I have another friend who says, carrying a backpack is better. She works in downtown DC and is often on foot between her car, the subway and where she is going. The backpack is a critical part of how she moves around DC. Why? Because DC often has streets that aren’t well, bumpy. Bumpy streets and rolling bags don’t mix. She is very careful to never pack more than 16 pounds in her backpack. You can wight it unless she was handed something by a customer that day, her bag weighs 16pounds. Considering that amount of weight, she has to choose carefully. She is the person that sent me the question I started out with today. The number of things you have to carry.

Her initial question was how much do you really carry? In reference to my micro-personal micro-grid posts of last week. My answer was less in a backpack, more if I am taking my rolling bag. My friend with the rolling bag weighed his bag, and it was around 28 pounds. He has to lift it to get on the subway. He says it is painful to move around big cities at times because they don’t always have smooth streets. I told him he should go to an old European city where they have cobblestone streets. I bought a backpack in Copenhagen once, to avoid having a rolling bag on cobblestones. What are the things you need? For me, it is a laptop, charger and an extended life battery for my phone. If I have enough space and weight, I will also take my tablet. But the first two things are critical. What is critical for you? 

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