Targeted Plan

Sometimes I need more than a to do list or a choice. I require a targeted plan to get specific things done in an orderly and productive manner. In my head I can clearly hear a majority of you saying that is what a to do list is defined list. That is probably true, and yet, my to do lists seem to be a general idea, not a plan.

I am thinking if I have a need written out, a solution in writing and the steps in writing. I may make some wonderful progress. Or at least a little progress.

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  1. A great deal depends on what I’m doing. Some things don’t take details. “Cook dinner” really doesn’t require a detailed list. I’ve been doing it for so many years I already know what steps I need to take. My only issue might be what to have for dinner, but that is a different issue.

  2. So far, as many times as I have planned, so many times have been confused.
    That’s why I stopped planning, just marking the more important things to which I aspire.