Taking the bus for a slow travel

We have a saying here that if you want to waste time then take the bus. Aside from the horrendous traffic on the road, the bus would stop for quite a time in some bus stops in wait for passengers. That’s why the 20-kilometer trip takes 3 hours which seems like eternity. Add to that the crowded bus then the inconvenience will not fail to stress you.

The governing agency of the metro roads say that they cannot improve the traffic flow if the public will not cooperate. There are street vendors and beggars that add to the burden not to mention the illegally parked vehicles by the roadside. Maybe the government needs to create an express lane for the buses so it can travel faster.

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Written by Alex Socorro


  1. Here the big cities have special lanes for public transportation, it would be a good idea, if there’s enough space to build these lanes.
    Perhaps it would help to hire more traffic wardens to take care of the obstacles the buses face, such as wrongly parked vehicles, beggars and street vendors that obstruct the traffic. And heavier fines should be applied too, as a deterrent.

  2. I use buses a lot because they are efficient and cost me absolutely nothing to travel on. Having a bus stop almost outside my house is also very convenient. Bus lanes are common in British cities where the roads are wide enough to accommodate them.

  3. We have very advance business and they travel at 120/km on motorways and the interesting thing is that they have maintain the timing like an Airplane reach on time to a specific location . They also announce the reach time to passenger and weather update as well