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Take Turns ~ Tuesday Reflections

During the day, when the world is bright, life moves here and there, all that appears is life outside, as well as the five senses with its outward direction and capturing things outside which will then be brought inside being processed by the mind.

As cycles, gradually, the light fades, until the dark gets a turn to fill the spaces. The dark that cleanses and eats everything. Active thinking, in high waves, decreases, down in low cycles, and continues to decrease, until life changes direction, turns current, inside out.

A perfect combination, from the universal mind, perfect life, to perfect physical reality. Wake up and dream, both belief in their respective truths, in each reality. Both do not know which reality is real, unless the conscious awakens, sees both, and realizes both.

  • Have you ever realized that you were dreaming when you were in a dream?

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  1. To be aware of the dream within the dream. that takes significant training. I find, if i do not let the world of worries enter my dreams I can get there.

    But if the world of worries enters my dreams, then I dream of solutions to problems that in my life.


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