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Here are three friends Teddy, Sandy and Imp.  Teddy is a sweet guy  always willing to help. Sandy is playful and makes the others laugh with his sense of humor. Imp is smart but very hasty and  quick to say words that he often regrets.

The three friends lived in a house near the tree.  One day Sandy was playing with a ball he found in a field and he was trying to throw it as far as he could , the ball landed on Imp’s face. An argument followed and Imp called Sandy names that were not so nice.

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  1. #6. They walked up to Imp and asked him what he was doing on the side of the road. He replied, “I am going to hitchhike to the nearest town, I am feeling a bit left out, I really don’t have any hatred toward either of you, and I see you two have made up.” They explained that it was all a misunderstanding, they all hugged, forming a circle on the side of the road, when a big 18 wheeler truck pulled off onto the shoulder to ask if they needed any help.

  2. 5. The discussion Sandy had with Teddy went well. The two agreed that they should go to Imp and as was tried originally hug and move forward.
    The setting sun flowed about them as they encountered imp standing near the road…

  3. Sandy could not understand why Imp was furious at him. They had slept well the previous night and were all jovial during the morning.
    It wasn’t the first time Sandy had the impression Imp had a dislike for him. He decided to approach Teddy to discuss his assumption of Imp’s hatred towards him.

  4. 3. To make sure that everything was all right between his friends Teddy suggested they have a picnic lunch, They all made sandwiches and went out to sit in the grass under an oak tree and enjoy their lunch. There were no more incidents that day and the three friends enjoyed their time together.

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