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Story Power is in the narrative we write about here at Virily, to get through the day.

Right throughout recorded history, storytelling was in the lessons we learned from the experiences of others. It is even woven into the fabric, of what was built by the past and resting upon generations of time and archetypes, even woven into our very souls, and upon which we base our future, our success, as writers here at Virily, our happiness, even our very survival as the human race.

 Story Power is the exhilaration we experience when we’re watching a stimulating movie or engrossed in a book. It is the logic of an algebraic equation, the foundation for the computer programs we use. It is all these things, and more. It’s working in the background of our lives, automatically. It’s hard-wired into our circuitry, part of the system which keeps us alive and operating.

 We don’t need to be aware of it…but it’s fascinating to peel back the layers, from time to time, and take a closer look. And learning more about Story Power can actually help you harness it, and use it to its best effect when writing content here at Virily or wherever else we write for cash.

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  1. Can you just imagine, if you had a language problem added to this? We will overcome it. Fifty years from now, writers will say the same things as you do, and it’s perfectly valid. It is just another challenge writers face everywhere. Adapt or die.

    • Yes, we all have the capacity to show incredible strength of character in an emergency, a story which comes to mind is this one, which happened on the 15th January 2009, US airways flight 1549 lost power to both engines shortly after take-off from LaGuardia Airport after a bird-strike the captain, Chesley Sullenberger, or Sulley, for short, realizing they would not make it back to an airport landed on the Hudson River and saved the lives of all of his passengers and crew 155 in total. He remained calm throughout and was the last to leave his plane.


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