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Stop Self-Sabotage

Many times we don’t even realize it but we are our worst enemy. Whether it’s because we don’t make ourselves a priority, because we can’t hear our body, or simply because we think it’s “not worth it.”

Well … it’s always worth – and very worthwhile – but if for some distorted reason we think it’s still not worth it … we can always think that the more it is not, for others, it will be important to be well, whether by the simple We have people in our care, either because of the wave effect we can leave on society.

According to the coach, Kim Morgan there are simple steps we can take to improve our life:

Leave the Comfort Zone – How many times do we know from the outset that we are in a comfort zone that is not beneficial to us? We know at the outset that change can be difficult and we fear the unknown, accepting highly toxic situations that compromise our well-being and trust. It’s time to say: ENOUGH and follow a different route. Or at least try to understand what is beyond that harmful convenience.

Do Self Analysis – Stop to think about what our qualities are, our added value, what I’m really good at doing. And exploit these qualities in a proactive and special way. This self-analysis also serves to realize that the mistakes we make often and have already become part of the routine.

Understand Why We Have These Behaviors – What makes us know that we sabotage ourselves and still insist on it? How much nonsense can there be in this consciousness that does not lead us to act? I want to be healthier but I insist on maintaining my diet and having sedentary habits. Why do I punish me this way? Why don’t I take action? Awareness can be harsh but it turns out to be key to changing the chip on the subject.

Counteracting Negative Thoughts – It is amazing how we can inflict so much pain. Namely with subjects, themes, and situations that are just hypothetical. It is important to counteract these thoughts and to focus on more positive and focused identity construction.

Losing Fear of Failure and Discovered what can motivate us – They are two distinct subjects but they end up complementing each other. Having already identified what makes us get stuck in the same place …. it is important to realize what kind of things would motivate us to create some change and actually lose the fear of failing. Even if it is not all a bed of roses in a first attempt, it is still a process worth investing in. After all, if we don’t invest in ourselves, nobody will do it for us!

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