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Still no signs of this ravishing Bougainvillea

By this time our garden  used to fill up with colourful  bougainvillea all over.  I like this one paritcularly as it just blinded me with its bright colour. 

I have to be satisfied with alamanda which is still there.  The Mums as I mentioned in my earlier post have yet to bloom although I see buds on the plants. 

Everything is going topsy turvy.  I think I have to learn gardening all over again. In the good old days there were definite seasons and we knew what to plant and when but now it is just a hit and miss method. 

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Written by grace


  1. My bougainvillea is in bloom, my friend’s garden has loads of them. My mums are getting ready for a third round of flowering. It may not be bountiful but I guess we will have them around Christmas time. the red dwarf dahlias that I planted at the end of October are blooming. My African violets are still doing good. So I am happy.
    I have a slightly darker shade of the same kind of bougainvillea.