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Smart Cloth that stays warm in winter and cold in summer.

Scientists at the University of Manchester have developed a smart fabric that keeps itself cool or warm depending on the temperature. In case of very cold, it gets hot and in case of summer, this cloth can keep itself cold. Special graphene has been used in its preparation.

Due to special graphene, thermal radiation is either stopped or emitted. On the one hand, it will be possible to make space clothes for astronauts, on the other hand, it will be possible to make smart clothes that stay cold or warm depending on the weather.

Earlier, the same team of scientists had developed a garment especially for soldiers that does not allow their body temperature to come out and it is not possible to see them with an infrared sensor. The warmer our body, the more infrared radiation it emits to keep the body naturally cool.

Scientist Professor Koskin  says he has developed a practical model that heats up instantly or cools down instantly. It can also be used for different displays. On the other hand, a satellite orbiting in space has to work between two extremes of cold or heat. Here, too, the technology can be useful for satellites.

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