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All You Need To Know About The Worlds Best Smart Bed

A few months ago at CES Sleep number presented the technological upgrade for its Iphone – connected smart bed. The new model is called the sleep number 360, a self adjusting smart bed that has unique features such as, feet warm, adjusting to body position and snoring.


This model uses Sleep Number’s “Sleep IQ” technology that offers four innovative features.

The bed can self-adjust, following the sleep movements of the customer. For example, if you switch from sleeping on the side to sleeping on your stomach, the 360 will adjust to your new position. Another fascinating thing is that the bed can sense if you are snoring and gently adjust the sleeper, in a position that it will lessen the snoring.

The new bed comes with a new foot warm technology. Using the “Sleep IQ” app, the bed knows the sleeper’s bedtime routine, and it can warm up the feet position spot so the sleeper is ready to go to sleep. They implemented this feature following a research that claimed people fall asleep faster when their feet are warmer.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the bed has a smart alarm, that will deliver a call at the right moment. Customers can set up the alarm using the “Sleep IQ” application.This new model is decided to go into production throughout 2017, pricing has not been announced although it might variate due to the mattress proportion.


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