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Sky Sunday – Dramatic Sky

 Today we have a cloudy day. Rainstorms are forecast. I don’t like that. I like and love taking pictures in the cloudy sky. But I don’t like rain. I prefer the moments after the storms.

That was the sky after a week of rain. This picture was taken on February 19, 2020. It is part of my favorite place in Torrevieja Spain’s large rocks by the sea.

Even now, there are many caravans in this blockade. They have not left. Maybe they live there in their homes on wheels

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  • If you were an expatriate would you leave Spain for Covid-19?

    • 1.Yes
    • 2.No
    • 3.I have no opinion


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  1. If I were an expat I would stay through this. Who knows if you could even get off the plane in your country of origin. I would follow the rules of the place I was at, and stay inside, and try to wait it out. I guess it would also depend on what kind of resources are in place for expats. That is a very good question.
    Also, that is a very good picture of that moody sky. The colors of it so pretty, from the clouds patterns you can tell it was a storm. The color of the sea in this is memorizing to me, I love that color!


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