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Sky Sunday ~ Common cold, or serious health problems

Any cold can also be masked by bronchitis, flu or even pneumonia. It is useful to know how you can distinguish whether it is just plain mucosal inflammation or something more.

1. A diseased body

The distinction between cold and flu is difficult. The cold is usually felt in the head and chest, but when your whole body hurts, it can be flu.

2. Burning throat

The cold is always accompanied by tickling in the throat, but when there is fever with swollen lymph nodes and burning in the sore throat, it can be a bacterial infection with streptococci.

3. A persistent cold

The cold peaks on the third and fourth days, between the fifth and the seventh day the symptoms, should be reduced, and on the tenth day, you should feel better. But if you still feel the same or even worse, it can mean something else

4. Constant cough

The annoying cough, which can last for five to six weeks, indicates that you may have bronchitis, pneumonia. Rest and hydration are required. Bronchitis is mostly viral so you will not need antibiotics.

5. Prolonged cold

Some people complain that they get cold for two or three months in winter. It is not a cold, but chronic bronchitis, which is the cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

6. Respiratory problems

Do you have asthma? A cold can cause an asthmatic attack. One of the signs that your breathing problems are related to asthma and not to the common cold are anti-asthma medicines that no longer work.

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  1. great information you’ve shared! I usually get one cold per year, down from when I was a teacher (then I got 8 or 9 colds a year). i grew up in a medical house (my mother is a long time nurse) we were always watchful of the cold, flu and other bad things process!

  2. I used to get a cold once a year as a youngster but since my 50th birthday I have had only 3. The only explanation for my getting less colds is because I do not go out much or I am now immune to colds…. But your post was very informative and appreciated. Thank you.


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