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Shadows Behind The Leaves ~ Wednesday Shadows

As a contribution to the Wednesday Shadows challenge this time, this time I share a picture of red betel leaf with its unique shadow. This image is a picture that I took in February last year where I have shared the version in black and white for the Color Crazy Challenge.

Do you have a special impression of the shadow behind the leaf? Hmmm… It is your right to believe or not, but according to many people, there are many ghosts roaming around my house and its surroundings.

My closeness with various mystical circles, psychics, shamans, etc. has made my home visited by many or anyone who wants to know, touch, or understand such occult things. Among all those groups, most of them often said the above. I myself didn’t care about all that, but unfortunately, my wife often had possessions or became a medium while my two daughters often saw such things in various rooms.

Life is unique, right? Well, I just often smile with all of those things.

  • Do you believe in supernatural things?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you have a certain attitude about that phenomenon?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. Children are told to be very sensitive towards ‘certain energies’ and sometimes have suspicious imaginary friends. Children also happen to be afraid of shadows. ?
    That’s an interesting way to look at things, at least. ?

  2. Life is a walk,
    as always you have created the question and now my mind races.

    I used to believe that life was a pre-told tale. Preordained and locked. Now i know that the mystery is great than the force.

    The wonder within us, greater than the reality of destiny. We are the choices we make, the paths we take and the dreams we see.

  3. The days where I used to watch horror television shows like the Boris Karloff “Thriller” are behind me. Although there are a few movies about supernatural events that played on cable television that were very good to see.

      • I do not know exactly the title … it’s a show when they buy a house and then ghost spirits scream in the house … then they call the various exorcists who are supposed to run the ghosts … very few times they succeed … so I really do not know if it’s something whether or not it … you should have to experience it to believe

        • My country is a place where occult things are everyday phenomena. Mystics, spirituality, occultation, and various of its sub-elements such as supernatural phenomena, various magical powers in healing practices, increased attractiveness, various immunities to weapons, various types of witchcraft, etc. very familiar with most people. There were also many people who did not believe, but in the end they were confused to argue after witnessing themselves or experiencing such a phenomenon.

          I also often see TV shows about the practice of expelling Western-style ghosts like that which in fact is very different from the way of expulsion in my country. Regardless of the success or failure of the exorcists you have witnessed, the program has tried to show the existence of ghost (whether true or not) somewhere, and that’s where the question is, do you believe?

          But, I personally recommend that you do not believe, even if you visit or live my country.

          • Thanks for the comprehensive explanation dear Albert….I believe that it would be very hard for me to convince … I let the possibility of some believing and that something must be on the subject

        • You’re welcome, dear Lado. Everyone has the right to believe or not in everything, right? The differences around us and within us certainly give rise to many other differences, and I am very happy with all those differences that make us unique, and the only ones to learn from one another and complement each other.

          • It’s really nice to talk to you … for everybody you find the encouraging word … you’re really a nice and understanding interlocutor

  4. Are you serious Albert? People actually visit your home? I don’t think you have ever talked about this before. I am very intrigued about the supernatural, for obvious reasons.

    The shadow is a great photo. Looks like a face on the wall to me.

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