Search for beauty and art

It happens, you are struggling, you are doing everything you can, you are already close to the long-sought ambition… But just a little detail is lacking and everything goes back to the abyss.

You can be sad, you can be anxious, and you can say “no fate” and run on. 

Because that holding to our failures, failed projects, wore out and lost friendships, love that died long ago, etc., does not help us, it only complicates and prevents us from moving forward or up.

And when it comes to venting sadness from our soul and getting rid of the miserable, heavy suitcase full of bad luck, go for a walk, roam the city or the woods, go look for beauty, art, poetry in everything – it heals.

Because I feel that art and beauty will save, if not the world, at least a woman who has fallen into temporary disillusionment.

© Fortune, 2020

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Written by Fortune

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