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New Graphic Art Design| 9.21.18 | Love Under the Palm Trees

Title: Love Under the Palm Trees

Style: Graphic Design 

Created On: September 21, 2018

 © Courtney Dutton

Hello everyone,

I just finished a new art design tonight and here I am sharing it with you all!  I hope you all will enjoy the design.

I made the design using the “art” program called Gimp.  I am not sure if it was made specifically for art, or more for just editing photos, but I have primarily used it to create all of my art designs.  I tried out Photoshop once and it was okay….but I prefer Gimp. 

Anyways, this design is just a fun romantic piece.  I was just going to add the tree silhouettes but since the layout has more width I thought it would look better with the silhouette of the couple. I like how it turned out. 

What do you all think of the design?  Do you like it?  Would you like me to switch it up from all the romantic designs, or are you still enjoying those?  


What do you think?

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  1. Is Gimp hard to learn? I love variety so I would like to see all sorts of things. One day I am hopeful that your art will inspire me to write a specific post. That is always what I hope for when I see artwork.

    • I think Gimp is a lot easier to learn than Photoshop….I learned how to use it mostly by watching tutorials on YouTube. Well I will try to come up with some new things, hopefully one day my art can do that