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Message for July 2nd

Monday, July 2, 2018

While browsing on YouTube, I decided to check out some music videos. They are very random because one lead to another, like a musical trail; and, the last video was an extra because I wasn’t planning on listening to another music video. So, as I watched each video and listened to the lyrics, I tried to pick up a certain message based on the feelings I got from each video.

I don’t really listen to any of these artists because I mostly listened to 80s artists. So, the following list is very random and spontaneous for me…

#2 Honeysuckle rose by Sarah Vaughan

The next music video that I checked out was Honeysuckle Rose because I have fond memories as a child sucking on honeysuckle flowers. I remember that I barely tasted anything, but it just reminded me of my carefree days, enjoying the simple things in life. Honeysuckles actually have a slight and light sweet taste, but it still tasted like Heaven.

Sarah Vaughan also has a good voice because this song sounds like a classic.

#4 Moondance by Van Morrison

This music video and song reminds me of the bright and colorful lights of nightlife adventures. But it appears to be raining in the video scenes. There also seems to be an element of romance. Maybe it is about a long winding drive toward one's destination in sometimes wet and rainy days and nights. But the whole process can be a long, fun, and enjoyable adventure.

Van Morrison also has a good voice. 

#9 Carnival by Natalie Merchant

I wasn't planning on watching another music video but the song title, Carnival, got my attention, and it followed the previous song like a sequel, probably because it is sung by the same artist. As I watch the black and white music video, it reminded me of my favorite pastime, which involved roaming and exploring streets with my 50MM camera to take interesting street photography. I tend to be very candid and blunt in my photography because I am more into capturing current reality, even if sometimes I do it in a creative and artistic way via surreal photographs.


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