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Message for July 2nd

Monday, July 2, 2018

While browsing on YouTube, I decided to check out some music videos. They are very random because one lead to another, like a musical trail; and, the last video was an extra because I wasn’t planning on listening to another music video. So, as I watched each video and listened to the lyrics, I tried to pick up a certain message based on the feelings I got from each video.

I don’t really listen to any of these artists because I mostly listened to 80s artists. So, the following list is very random and spontaneous for me…

#5 Slow Like Honey by Fiona Apple

As I listen to the lyrics in this long, I realize it sounds very sexy, and she is trying to seduce listeners with her 'slow as honey' singing voice.

But, besides that, I feel that it might have to do with my life because I sometimes do things 'slow as honey' I guess because I like to take my time and think a lot about situations before I make any commitment or major decision.

#9 Carnival by Natalie Merchant

I wasn't planning on watching another music video but the song title, Carnival, got my attention, and it followed the previous song like a sequel, probably because it is sung by the same artist. As I watch the black and white music video, it reminded me of my favorite pastime, which involved roaming and exploring streets with my 50MM camera to take interesting street photography. I tend to be very candid and blunt in my photography because I am more into capturing current reality, even if sometimes I do it in a creative and artistic way via surreal photographs.


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