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Saturday Critters – My friends, pigeons!

Pigeons do not have a very good reputation. Many consider them to be low-intelligence birds that invade cities and spread diseases,  but I love the! These  birds are capable of amazing things. I am convinced that many of you know the ability of pigeons to find their way home, but there are fewer who know that the pigeons do not forget and do not forgive! If you once chased them away, they will always remember  that and they will never come near you! But if you fed them and had a nice time with them … they will let you come closer and take a picture of them! 

These are two of the pigeons that often come to my balcony. This time I met them outside but … they didn’t seem scared of my presence at all! I’m their friends!

I share this picture with Saturday Critters Challenge!

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Written by Ileana Calotescu