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Saturday Critters – Euuuk!!

My dad brought him back from his workplace … He was kinda in the wrong place and then being captured! We only plan to keep him for a day and then release him in the park around our house.

So he was very long … say more than 15 cm and … euuuck… quite scary to look at! My hair stand everytiem I see him. He was very lazy, he hardly moves. Or maybe this container is really too small for him.

We’ve no idea what he eats at first so we asked Mr.Google, and then gave him some veggies – he didn’t like it. Then we gave him some apple, which he munched some … then we gave him papaya (since we’re having some) and he coil around it and kept munching till about half of it is gone! I don’t understand why he likes smelly fruit like papaya. (Yes, I don’t like the smell of most papaya)

Anyway, he was released the next day in a park. We watched him crawled into safety before we left!

  • Have you kept a “pet” for just a few days?

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  1. Quite gross, but a good subject for photos! And good food for the birds. 😋
    I kept snails, but you already knew that. They were easy to grab because of their shell. I can’t imagine picking this beast up and playing with it. 😅
    I also kept a pair of stink bugs for a day. Fed them a piece of kiwi, then left the jar open at night, on the balcony, so they could leave. But they didn’t leave until the afternoon, I guess it was too cold in the morning for them to move.

    • No way I’m touching it!! hahaha 😅😅
      Seriously, I cannot imagine the average bird trying to eat this guy … I mean he is sooo fat!!

      I can tell you, stink bugs probably aren’t morning bugs… lol

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