Red wine…

Moderate consumption of black brings pleasure, better health and a more beautiful look. Red wine lovers know this is a great way to relax after a stressful day.Red wine hides many health benefits, such as improving heart health and maintaining a slimline. A glass of red wine is healthy every day.For the reason it is called a drink of gods. Wine is healthy for the body, mind and spirit. And there are the doctors of all the professions, from nutritionists to psychiatrists.The combination of moderate drinking with aerobic exercises is the best prevention of atherosclerosis.The results of the research conducted in Australia showed that people who regularly consume moderate amounts of wine (one to two glasses a day) have a reduced risk of heart disease by 30 percent. Scientists from Spain have come up with results that show that red wine removes bacteria responsible for dental diseases. It also reduces inflammation and gum disease.One study showed that red wine improves the balance over time. In addition, it is potent antioxidant and therefore strengthens immunity and reduces the risk of colds.

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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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  1. I drank red wine in the past to help me with an ailment. My problem was that other people in the house also started drinking it but they get that part about “moderate consumption”. So I had to look for another solution to my ailment.

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