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It’s pretty clear that my husband is craving food from the south, some of which I have never heard of. I have never had grits and have no idea what they really are. He saw this recipe and thinks it would be a great hot appetizer for the holidays. He might be right, I do like shrimp. Typically I wouldn’t try something new over the holidays when we have guests.  Maybe it’s not really new to him.

I think if he wants to make it that’s fine, and I don’t want to get caught up in it. I really have not a clue what grits are, but I thought people ate them for breakfast. 

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    Do you know a lot about southern cooking?

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    Do you eat grits?

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    Are they a breakfast item?

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  1. I live in the south and have always eaten grits. They are not just for breakfast. They are also delicious with shrimp. Butter and cheese are good to add as well as bacon.

  2. Carol is a much bigger southern cooking expert than I am I differ to her. But I love grits! we make them a number of ways.

    1. plain with a fried egg on top (yum0!
    2. Grits, cheese and shrimp also yum!
    3. grits, sausage, cheese baked in the oven

  3. I love this type of meal but I probably wouldn’t eat it for breakfast, but having said that people eat all sorts of strange things in the early morning so who am I to judge!