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Raindrops Falling on my Head

Thunderstorms all day here on this Monday. But I do not mind. The yard and gardens could use the rain.

All week we will get thunderstorms. Pretty common in the summertime actually.

When the heat and humidity gets so bad, we sure need the rain to cool things down a bit.

Photo snapped from my deck ©CarolDM.

Enjoy the video, hope the link works! We will see.

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. My mom loved Robert Redford. My dad didn’t like him. So, when this movie came out, I was dragged to go with my mom.

    My father was told “He wants to go.”
    I really didn’t.
    But, after watching the movie, i wanted to go, again and again!

    I love the movie, The song scene with the bike is one of my favorites


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