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Porcelain flower

Porcelain flower is a plant native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas. Flowers come in various colors from white, pink, red to yellow. Porcelain plants are easy to grow and care, flowers spread out into 5 very beautiful wings.

Porcelain flower plants are often chosen to make the landscape, campus, porch or balcony, … With rich colors, glossy green leaves, large stems and roots, porcelain flowers are loved and loved by many people.

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  1. O, you call this plant a porcelain flower. I have this one tree, also with the same flower color. My family loves this flower very much, my mother looked after the three trees in different colors, pink, maroon, and yellow, also my old sister and youngest sister. We call it Kamboja, which in Virily I called as frangipani.

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