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Pomegranate Bloom – Macro Monday

The pomegranates are in bloom now. The whole bush is filled with bright orange buds and blooms now. In a couple of months many of them would become fruits. A  tree loaded with pomegranates is a beautiful sight to behold, although visually  I prefer the one with the blooms more .

We had a slight drizzle yesterday and the petals fell off before I could get a proper picture of the blooms. But the sight of the calyx dense with pollen seemed pretty enough to me. Buds and blooms are a  picture of hope for the future.

This is the second year of life for this pomegranate bush of mine.  In the last season we had seven fruits of which two were taken up by squirrels and birds. This season we hope to have double or triple the harvest. To a part time  gardener like me it is a bonus and a blessing of the work of my hands.

I have been learning some organic farming methods. Especially about how to make fertilizers that are purely organic for each season. I have been composting my kitchen waste, but with limited space my compost is limited too and I have far more plants to feed. So I decided to learn some Korean methods that don’t need space to compost. Most of these are liquid fertilizers which we do not use traditionally. This will give me a chance to try out new methods and their efficacy.

It is a thrill and a adventure of sorts to learn new things everyday!!

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Pomegranate health Benefits

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    • Bitter? You’ve got me confused. They are slightly tart and sweet at the same time but not bitter. Only if you eat the yellow skin inside they are bitter. That is not to be eaten anyways.

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