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POLL: Halloween 2017 Is Here!

Halloween 2017 is here! Check this poll and answer to simply questions so you can find out how similar or different you are from other people. Don’t forget to leave a comment about the poll. Happy Halloween! BOO!

  • Question of

    What is the best part about Halloween?

    • The candy
    • Dressing up in costume
    • Scaring your friends
    • Halloween parties
    • Being scared/watching scary movies
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite scary Halloween movie?

    • Scream
    • The Ring
    • The Blair Witch Project
    • Saw
    • The Shining
    • Carrie
    • Poltergeist
    • The Amityville Horror
    • Friday the 13th
    • The Excorcist
    • A Nightmare on Elm Street
    • Halloween
  • Question of

    What is the worst Halloween candy?

    • Candy Corn
    • Whoppers / Malt Balls
    • Jelly Beans
    • Soft Caramels
    • Licorice / Twizzlers
    • Real Fruit
    • Necco Wafers
    • Mary Janes
    • Smarties
    • Butterscotches
    • Tootsie Roll
    • Milk Duds
    • Peanut Butter Bars
    • Lemonheads
    • Sour Warheads
  • Question of

    Do you make spooky snacks for Halloween?

    • Yes, every year
    • Yes, sometimes
    • No, never
  • Question of

    Do you celebrate Halloween?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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      • If they read the bible, they shouldn’t. The Halloween celebration as it is celebrated today is a celebration for Baal. It doesn’t take very much research to show this. The Bible is pretty plain about what God and Jesus think about Baal.

        • all the holidays are pagan. they are just for kids to have fun. december 25th are the birthdays for tammuz and nimrod, illuminati sun gods. it has nothing to do with Jesus. Jesus’ real birthday is March 20th, 6 BC.

          • Scholars haven’t determined the exact birthday of Jesus, but it was most likely March or April. His birthday is celebrated on Christ’s Mass, but back then, birthdays weren’t generally celebrated, except for on the day of the actual birth (as opposed to recurrent, year after year). To a Christian, it was his crucifixion and resurrection that was the most important. Still, the birthday is still celebrated and there is little doubt that the Church selected a day that fell during Yule since they had even less idea of what day He was born on then than we do now.

            As for Halloween, it is a corrupted Catholic celebration. Roman Catholics celebrate November 1 as All Souls Day, which was preceded by All Saints Mass, or Hallow Mass, on the night of October 31. Both are part of Allhallowtide, which goes from October 31 through November 2. It has been celebrated on these days since 835 AD.

            Halloween, as it is celebrated today, is a celebration of Samhain. Originally, it featured many of what is now symbolism for the day. It was also one of the most important days to the Celts, who celebrated with fertility rituals that generally involved all people over the age of puberty, and similar to rituals celebrated in the spring.

          • Fifi, if you notice, I wrote that while they don’t know the exact date of birth of Jesus, it was most likely March or April. I believe that *is* the spring. The day it is celebrated makes little difference, especially since we don’t know the exact date. Easter is a much more important date, but the point is that people around the world recognize the celebration as being on 25 December. As you can no doubt tell from my lengthy response, I *have* done my research, at length. 🙂

            Actually, it doesn’t take a great deal of research to figure out that the birth was in the spring. The cattle were lowing, which happens when they give birth. Generally speaking and left to their own devices, cattle don’t usually give birth in the winter. 😀

          • Many people don’t. I’m simply explaining why I no longer celebrate it. I eat and sometimes make candy many times a year and though horror isn’t my favorite kind of movie, I watch horrors a few times a year, too. There isn’t much that prevents me from dressing in costume, either, anytime. A lot of people in Montana do that during St. Patrick’s Day festivals, for instance.

            I’m not missing out on anything by not celebrating Halloween. Then again, in the Philippines, they have many celebrations and festivals every year, but I don’t celebrate most of them, either. LOL