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Plants: Best Roommates

There is much evidence that plants have an enormous ability to purify the spaces in which we find ourselves.

These beings of nature are so special that they absorb toxins from the air, something that science itself has proven. However, the truth is that at night (especially in wintertime) the habit of opening the window tends to get lost and hence the air circulation as well.

Within your space (and to sleep better), choose plants such as:

Jasmine – the best to relax. Besides giving off a sweet scent, it can reduce our anxiety levels. Put it on the windowsill and water it;

Lavender – the most suitable for a deeper sleep. Thanks to its smell, it reduces our stress levels and also our blood pressure. It needs heat and sunlight. So put it on a sunny window sill;

Valerian – perfect for inducing sleep, used for centuries as a cure for insomnia. Add some petals to your bath or try to smell it before you go to bed;

Aloe Vera – the best plant to improve air quality. It produces oxygen at night and can improve the air in our room as well. Keep her in a sunny place to make sure she stays healthy.

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