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Photos Chain Challenge – The rules are made to be broken

We don’t like the rules and … although they are made to create a certain order, we start from the idea that the rules are made to be broken. I have convinced myself that it is useless to try to convince you follow the simplest rule  for this challenge to unfold as I thought it. A photos chain  that can be easily tracked! I give up! Who needs rules? It is important to have fun!

The last link in the “Photos chain” Challenge  was added by Ellie.  If you missed her post click the link:

A Walk Through The Old Town – Photos Chain Challenge. From her photo I have 

From her photo I chose the windows and walls….

  • It’s hard to follow the rules, isn’t it?

    • 1.Yes
    • 2. No


What do you think?


Written by Ileana Calotescu


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      • I know but I was interested what went wrong… Now I see it was only the hashtag… I thought it was something with photos – that the chain was not followed properly… Hashtags are not that important because I don’t believe anyone searches things by hashtags here… especially when it comes to challenges… I believe many don’t even know what are the right hashtags in the challenges…

          • I know but I’m not talking only about the people who participated but everyone else as well… I don’t believe those people will search those posts that way… There is also the section Challenges which is much more practical in that way I think…

            I do have problems with people understanding my posts as well, I am always shocked when I explain things in detail and point out some things while people seem not to even notice that nor read them properly…

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