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Pet pig

It is surprising to see a pig that is considered a pet. The owner looks so affectionate to his pig that he feeds it once in a while as if the pig is hungry. People are flocking to them for a selfie because it is not common to see a pig strolling in the street.

One guy in the crowd said that the pig is s special breed that can also be edible but not grown for food. In other words, the type of that pig is really for taking care as a pet. In our country, that is a very unique pet because we are eaters of pork. But I guess if that kind of pig becomes popular then we would be losing appetite for pork.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Pig pet? Where to keep it? At home? And how a pig is going to the toilet? or just doing everything where he stays? The dog is able to ask for a walk, but how about a pig? I think people are going crazy with all kinds of pets. They better pay more attention to people around them then to pigs. Pigs are domestic animals, not pets.

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