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We change every day, our states change, some thought changes, finally dreams, the purpose we live for. Sometimes it is a black day, sometimes it is white, sometimes it is colored, and all of it mixes. But we still need to live – to get up in the morning, go on the road, go somewhere, get something, lose something, live, to adapt to the day or to adapt the day to ourselves to recognize what we love, what we hate, to smile at what makes us happy, to tame happiness, not to let it goes, or to catch it.

We can do a lot – we can change the colors of the day, sadness, suffering, maybe love, and most importantly, we can become happy. The road to a happy tomorrow is confusing and difficult. This is one of life’s cruelest laws – constant tension, sacrifice, self-abuse, and convincing. The most important thing is to set yourself up for the job – whether you are lazy, doubtful or feel uncomfortable. It works out, but not for everyone.

When you are in trouble, let’s first find out if that barrier really exists, or maybe it is your inner complex, lack of self-confidence, fatigue, and so on. After all, in many cases, we are guilty of bad circumstances, and we are happy to address those accusations on to others. Although the finish line is within our reach.

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