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One Last Time

I am going to attempt this one last time. I am writing this because for the most part I am logical. It seems like for me personally it is time to step up or step out. What does that mean? 

If I am going to step up I am going to write new and different content that people will come to this site to read. I am going to reach out with social media. I am going to bring as much traffic as I can to have them read about anything than the main topic of the day (issues). I am going to comment like no other and respond to all comments. The goal would be not to ignore the problems, but to help eachother work around them until there is a solution. Talking about them constantly is not bringing the kind of views that would be helpful.

If I am going to step out, I am not going to bother to be here to hear time after time that people are being personally targeted to fail. I don’t choose to see it that way and saying it over and over helps no one. I recognize there are huge issues. I recognize people are hurting and frustrated.  I have spent hours trying to be a part of the solution.

The tide has to turn if the outcome is going to be productive. So I am trying to determine if we have enough writers who can step up with great content that is not about the issues here to get the views we need. It may be an approach that is too simple, and yet it is the only one I can come up with.

What’s trending on Twitter, perhaps that’s a topic. Do you know about global warming and is it real. Are there topics that people are searching for everyday that we can draw here? There are a lot of talented and creative people here. I know there must be solutions and topics. Experts, share your knowledge and please help us help ourselves.

  • Is there any writer here that is willing to be a part of a solution?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Can we work together for the benefit of all?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Are we a team or rats on a ship (I am making a joke – I need to smile)

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. I am with you!

    I will grab my armor and ride with you to slay the mighty dragon (ok now I am having some fun)!

    When Niume died I worried that I would love my dear writing friends, I have not. we have banded together going different ways, but supporting each other!

  2. I agree and it has always been how I approach writing, regardless of where I write. Something else, and I seemed destined to explain this every year, from the time I started writing on the Internet, around 2002, I’ve noticed that views drop every year, around the November and December time frame. They seem to start picking up again around February. I’m not sure why that is, but I see it every year. It is counter-intuitive. You’d think that as the weather grew colder and more blustery, more people would be inclined to stay inside and views should increase because of it, but the opposite seems to happen.

    The positive about that is that people who continue on plodding along during the slow time often see a greater increase when traffic picks up again.

  3. I appreciate your call for “real content” on Virily, although I am not sure what you would designate as “fake content”.

    It seems to me that Virily works best when people raise issues that are serious and pertinent, and to which people are willing to make sensible and constructive comments. Unfortunately, when I have attempted the former in the past, the latter have often been sadly wanting!

    • You really don’t care for most of the things I say and it’s all good.

      I understand there are real issues and does anyone who is not on the site care to hear about them? Does that bring any unique views that help the site?

      I guess my best answer at this point is “Whatever” and thanks for sharing

  4. You are not a quitter, so keep moving for better days ahead. I admire you! I have commented three times on these posts. I got booted off after each comment, but I will keep trying until it takes the comment.

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