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Off to Madurodam from Rotterdam via Amsterdam

Of the hotels we stayed  in on this Europe tour  I found the hotel in Rotterdam the best in all respects.  We landed here in the night from Brussels. Our travel from Brussels till the last leg of our tour that is up to Paris  was by bus.  We had a very courteous driver who took care of us well.

I had the first experience of using a candy dispenser slot machine.  I had read about it  in Archie comics.  You can imagine how happy I was that I could really use one.  I think I spent a dollar just to get that experience  The child in me never dies.

We left for Amsterdam from Rotterdam. We were taken to a factory where they made wooden shoes, took a ride on the canal not a nice experience as the canal water was dirty.  In Amsterdam prostitution is legal and so anyone was free to visit.  Some from our group visited.  I found Amsterdam to be a well laid out city.

The main attraction however was the visit to the Madurodam  park which is a home to miniature landmarks of Holland in the  ratio of l:25. There were so many landmarks including the famous wind mills.  We spent a whole day there and returned to Rotterdam to start on our tour of the remaining   countries – Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.

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    • I missed the Tulip season and that was a big disappointment I have written a post on that.
      We were taken to a few places including a shops where they were selling semi precious stones. The Grand Canal ride did take us round Amsterdam but the guy from Amsterdam who was guiding us told us about the water and that put me off.


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