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Not Great At Waiting

I don’t love just sitting around and waiting. So I am not going to do it. I am not going to wait for everyone to get on board and agree. I am going to make educated decisions and do it myself. I am going to forge ahead with my personal work, goals, and ideas and I am going to take care of myself. If teamwork is needed or wanted someone will have to reach out to me. (This is bound to shock everyone who lives in my home.) It doesn’t stop there.  I am going to revamp my life where the only things I worry about are the things I solely can control. This is going to be a huge change for me and I think it is time.  There are too many things to do in life than simply wait.

I am going to get my goals revamped, my approach here revamped and see where this new philosophy and journey takes me. The value of minutes in the day has not been something that I have focused on and today it feels like that is all I should focus on.

Turned on the news. Looks like we are at war. Nancy is mad because President Trump didn’t consult her. Why would he? If President Trump is the problem then send over the impeachment documents and get rid of him. If not, then be quiet about it.

I believe my patience has come to a crashing end. 

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  1. @DocAnderson Thank you. I apologize to those adorable minions of Despicable Me for having them, intelligent ones, compared to Pelocy’s House body of law-makers (there!) 🙂

    I speak truth about Granny Pelocy, for I am one myself. But we differ. I am not mad. I’m mot mad at the orange bad man, whose orange skin is a ‘cover up’ for his “‘black soul that she prays for everyday.” 🙂 And 3 1/2 years obsession of dog-tagging themselves chained to impeach and remove him.

    I do wish to learn more about the true face of nationalism essential to human existence in every sovereign nation. Thank you for encouraging me to cultivate my inquiring mind. Thanks also to Ben Shapiro and Prager University, to name a few.

    Ben Shapiro with Jonah Goldberg: Is nationalism always a bad thing?

    Prager University: Why You Should Be a Nationalist?

    • Rules? Have we ever really played by the rules? I think now we flaunt it, but I am not sure we were ever really on board. I think there is always something going on in the background that I probably shouldn’t know about.

      I didn’t think hiring hitmen was normal, but that is what the drone attack was according to my husband. It brings back all those horrible military experiences. (I told him the television is broken – that is working so far today) Yes, I lied to him.

      • I wouldn’t care personally at all about rules and presidents. Obama, Bush, Clinton all skirted the edges of the rules.

        But the number one complainer about that? at least Bush and Obama was the current president.

        I don’t care as long as things are handled fairly.

        • @DocAnderson Justly and fairly on behalf of our US American soldiers’ and innocent people’s lives killed in the evil hands of these terrorist leaders.

          If the proportionate acts of war is to defend, protect lives of a sovereign country such as USA and Israel, the Commander-in-Chief did what was right and moral.

          For three and half years, granny Nan and her minions just don’t know what to do with themselves. They’re losing their minds over Trump.

          • Not sure what the value of name-calling brings.

            There are two sides to the story. The post-event fall out has been massive and there is not a single country on earth that agrees with the action. Th days of nationalism ended with the end of WWI.

            time to move on.

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