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No Yell Challenge

I have been working on this challenge for years, but I still yell at my kids sometimes. I even changed the name to “gentle parenting challenge”, as I didn’t want to keep reminding myself with the word “yell”. But I still always keep reminding myself not to get angry, not to be fierce and not to yell.

I used to think and set the target that I would not be yelling when I reached 40, but I still do. I thought when a person grows older, she will be wiser and calmer, and she can choose not to do something she doesn’t want to. I am still not that person yet.

Though I am not there yet, I know I am actually getting better and closer to where I want to be. I just want to keep reminding myself to work towards the goal.

I just read the new book I receive this morning, and I found that it really speaks to me. I will continue to read and practice.


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    Do you get calmer when you are older?

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