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No Yell Challenge: 10 Days Passed!

About 10 days ago, something triggered me badly and I yelled. I felt sad and I told myself I have to start this #NoYellChallenge again.

I was counting in the first few days, but then when I was away from my home last week, I lost count. I just checked my post about this #NoYellChallenge, I found that it was written 10 days ago. That means, I have successfully no yelling for 10 days. Yay!!

Though 10-days seems to be quite short, it’s a big step for me. I think the most days I didn’t yell were only less than 15 days. I really found that – when mom doesn’t get angry, kids are much happier and I am happier too!


Picture credit: Pixabay – a small celebration to a small success!

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#NoYellChallenge : 10 Days passed ^_^

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