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No sign of jack fruits yet

We have a few jack fruit trees and normally we see them appearing around November getting ready for harvesting around April/May

There is no sign of them showing up yet.  And appearing late would mean they would be ready for harvesting much later which is our monsoon season.  There is no demand for jack fruits that get wet in the rain. 

Nature these days is acting pretty weird and we have no other alternative but to take what it gives. 

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Written by grace


      • Do you preserve the fruit? I learned that nothing is wasted with jackfruit. Everything can be eaten. The seeds can be steamed or boiled and eaten as we eat a sweet potato. The white shells can be cooked as a vegetable. I don’t know about the skin, perhaps, as garden compost and mulch?

        • I have eaten jackfruits even before I was born. Probably my Mum ate them while she was pregnant. (lol) Having said that I know the use of jack fruit but when you get more than what you need after distributing to friends and neighbours and even selling some that is when I wished I could export them.

          • That would be excellent business venture. I wonder if you could sell fruit on ebay? Check out the regulations regarding postage freighting fruit. Interesting! I’m curious.

  1. It is a bit unusual for us to have mango fruits n our tree in January but we have. Northeast monsoon had a late withdrawal and that could explain such changes in mango or jack tree.