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Newborn Visiting Rules

I have a friend who had a baby last month, now her baby is at the hospital very sick and it seems he got sick due to the huge number of visits they received in this first month.

As I am also a mother I know some people don’t understand why they shouldn’t visit a newborn and some take it personally but all we, mothers, want is to protect our baby. Although the intentions are the best, mistakes are frequent.

There are rules to keep in mind when visiting newborns, which if not followed can endanger the health and safety of the baby:

Visits prohibited until 28 days – In the early days, visits should only be allowed from close family members or close friends.

Do not take children – With the exception of siblings, children should not be with newborns. Not only are they more impulsive, but they are also more exposed to the dangers of the outdoors.

In case of illness do not go – This rule needs no explanation, yet it is always good to reinforce. At first, the baby’s immune system is not yet developed. Simple visitor constipation can mean hospitalization-related bronchiolitis for the newborn.

Do not kiss the baby and get reinforced hygiene – In each of us there are many microorganisms. These may not be harmful to us, but they are not beneficial to the baby.

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